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Green smoke is an e-cigarette company that is revolutionary replacement for traditional cigarettes. It has the look of the traditional one though the composition its ingredients are different. They are now in different flavours such as menthol ice, chocolate, mocha mist, vanilla dreams, and tobacco gold. Thus users have a wide range to make their choice. The amount of nicotine is also regulated so as to fit the taste of customers. E-cigarettes have contents ranging from 0-2.4 percent of nicotine, which enables for the incorporation of all types of consumers.

Green Smoke have rechargeable batteries that are fixed at the base of the device and you can get a puff upon fixing the battery. The bases are of different colours and for those who like matching their outfit with the colour of their e-cigarettes, there are choices to make when purchasing the devices. The batteries have a USB charger, making it easier to carry the devices to any place as opposed to earlier brands, where cables are attached to the e-cigs.

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This brand is a perfect match for all smokers as it is tobacco-less though it gives you the same satisfaction, as other e-cigs. For corporate people, the e-cig can be smoked right from the office with no fear of having puff remains. This brand leaves your place as smart as it was and you don’t have to keep taking breaks to go and vape.

The price has been substantially decreased as compared to the earlier price and thus the general cost of the devices reduced. The kits are also with different contents, which include: pro kits, lovebirds, ultimate, essentials and express kits.


Green Smoke has more advantages than disadvantages over tobacco cigarettes. One can regulate the amount of nicotine taken as you have choices to make. The odours from tobacco are also done away with, as there are pleasant flavours to choose from that you can order along with the starter.

This brand has allowed former tobacco smokers to convert to e-cigarette with ease. E-cigs with very low levels of nicotine can be smoked with no effect to the consumer and these brands have become a favourite to actors who do not really want to smoke.

VAPESTICK Discount Code

Despite the fact that VAPESTICK Group was established less than five years ago, it has been able to make its presence known in the United Kingdom market with its local customer base steadily increasing. The company is based in Middlesex and it manufactures and sells a wide variety of e-cigarette kits and accessories. The price of the company’s kits range from £ 30- £45, they target first time or budget conscious electronic cigarette smokers. It is not surprising that just like most of the other bigger brands their e-cigarette features a two-piece system that consists of a cartomiser (atomiser + cartridge) and a battery. This review of VAPESTICK will focus mainly on the Next Gen-XL Starter Kit that currently has a £42.99 market price. The kit contains: two USB charge cables, two blue LED tip batteries, five assorted cartomiser strengths/flavours, and one charging case. This kit and the ROK Universal kit seem to have been targeted at the same users, this is exemplified by the fact that they have the same retail price (£ 44.99) and list of contents that are identical.

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1. Flavour
2. Premium charge case
3. Variety of Cartomisers

1. No mains adapter
2. Limited Warranty
3. ROK’s alternative


Vapestick now offers V-Shishas for people who have enjoyed using shisha for a long time but are now ready to stop using tobacco. The manufacturer price of V-SHISHAS is £ 24.99 that includes different disposable electronic shishas that are flavoured. The electronic shishas colours correspond to different flavours that include: Apple, Blueberry, Peach, Grape, and Strawberry. It is easy to vape using the e-shishas as one is only required to inhale so that one can activate it, and at this point an LED light that is at the end of the battery illuminates. The vapour production was rather impressive especially when one takes into consideration its design that had a small form factor. All the flavours were pleasant but my favourite was the grape flavour.

Gamucci Discount Code

Founded in 2007 by Taz and Umer Sheikh, Gamucci has risen to commanding a customer base from over 55 countries worldwide. This electronic cigarette has become a favourite to vapers because of its focus on delivering cartomisers the original tobacco flavour. Its customers also love the convenience offered by the charging adapters it comes with.

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To begin with, vapers are concerned on what a kit delivers to them in terms of value for money. In this case, questions about the duration of the cartomisers, the variety in strengths and flavours and what comes with the kits are bound to come up. Warranty on the products could also be a big reason to make buyers of any product hold back a bit.

When you buy the Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter Kit, which sells for £49.99, you are offered: (1) USB battery charger, (2) rechargeable batteries, (1) European plug, (1) black velvet carrying case, (1) mains adapter and (4) cartomisers. Unfortunately for buyers of this kit, there is no personal charging case offered, making charging of batteries very inconvenient in cases where there are no power sources.


Secondly, there are a plethora of flavours and nicotine strengths offered. For flavours, there are 8- original, cherry, menthol, apple, coffee, cola, vanilla and grape. Where there a range of 5 nicotine strengths, from 0-22mg. Unfortunately, buyers wishing to explore other flavours that are less conventional should note that they are only offered in nicotine concentrations of 1.6%. We have menthol and the original flavours (conventional flavours) being offered in 1.6 or 2.2% for the former and 5 different concentrations for the latter. This means that buyers of the Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter Kit are limited to four 16mg Original Tobacco Cartridges only.

The company claims that the two 240mAh and 180mAh rechargeable batteries included in their Micro Deluxe Starter Kit can attain up to 375 drags. This is about the equivalence of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. After I tested how accurate their rough estimation was, I was quite impressed by their performance taking into consideration that most e-cigs provide puffs of less than half that figure.

JACVapour Discount Code

E-cigs have transformed the world of cigarettes through the introduction of new options for tobacco smokers.

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One of the most prominent companies to hit the ground in the UK e-cigs market is JACVapour. Their e-cigs are distributed by a Scotland-based distribution centre, which offers a wide range of exciting vaping options to both experienced smokers.

The V1P starter kit from JACVapour has an impressive movable charging case that enables you to recharge your battery even when on a journey. This exceptional charging case is a sleek aluminum case that can glide in and out of your pocket with no struggles. The battery is much simpler to charge, since you only need to use the indicator button and the button on the back to charge after connecting the battery to the case.


If you thought that it was all about the beauty and glamour for their e-cigs then you got it all wrong since the starter kits come with two v3 automatic batteries. This ensures that you do not need to stop puffing even after one of the batteries dies. These batteries are stylish and reasonably small in size at 62mm.

The flavour and vapour of their cartomisers are available in so many different quantities to suit the different smoking abilities of different customers. Some of the available quantities in which you can purchase them are: low- 6mg, high- 28 mg, medium- 12mg and very high 24mg. The flavour and the vapour are also different enough to suit varying customer tastes and desires, since some would prefer tobacco flavour to other flavours such as vanilla.

The prices of their starter kits depend on whether you are buying them with a PCC or not. If you are interested in buying a starter kit without PCC, you will pay between $19.99 and $43.99. On the other hand, if you want one with the PCC you will have to pay around $34.99, $39.99 and above.

If you are looking for a solid way of vaping then you better try out JACVapour. This is something that will leave you wanting more. What are you waiting for, go get it now and be part of the fun and excitement.

Intellicig Discount Code

The UK-based Intellicig Electronic Cigarette was established in 2008 and has expanded to reach over 24 countries with outlets as many as 8,000.

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This company, which is a subsidiary of the CN creative group, produces refill capsules, e-cigarette kits and e-liquids. It offers its users a choice between a 2-piece and 3-piece e-cigarette systems. This is something we actually can’t compare to other brands since having a 3-piece system simply means that it is refillable. Something else that makes Intellicig dwarf the efforts of its competitors in the E-Cig business world is the fact that the users have been give a choice between a whooping 4 starter kits! These kits, namely; Premium, Starter Plus, Express and Intellicig give the buyer a choice of which one fits them best but they are different in terms of how much they cost. The most expensive kit is the premium and the least expensive, Intellicig, respectively.

So what makes this Intellicig discount code among the best that we have in the market?


The very first thing that you note about a product is the packaging, how aesthetically pleasing the product is to you that is. Intellicig understands that paying quite some attention to detail really pays. So, the kits are glamorous and have a splendid appearance for that matter. The Starter Kit comes in a magnificent white box and two smaller cases inside. Inside the trifold wallet are some brief information about the product, a generic USB charger, the battery and an empty vapour device.

Although Intellicig have really considered selling their products at a pocket friendly price, selling the starter kit (5 refills, a battery and a USB charger) at only £29.95, there are very important items that miss out of the pack. The mains adapter, to begin with is missing. More (important)missing items are the portable charging case and the kit, also, does not offer the usual multiple batteries as compared to its competitors.

A fully assembled Intellicig e-cig measures 95mm in length, pretty equal in size with the Superkings by the way. Between the “Intellicig” printed battery (which is 61mm in length) and the cartomiser (that measures 35mm), is a silver ring that gives the E-cig a traditional cigarette appearance. An orange light illuminates at the end of the battery to indicate its use.
Unlike most e-cigarettes in the market, Intellicig gives its users a variety of battery colours to choose from. The colours are black, white and silver.

Most electronic cigarettes are not refillable, but Intellicig is. Refilling an empty capsule is simple and entails removing the inner capsules, cleaning all its components and then refilling the capsule. Users like myself who are used to disposable cartomisers have to take advantage of the user manual that comes in handy with the kits. Refilling the capsules, although it may seem as trouble altogether, could save you a lot of money. Again, if you purchase 25 refills at the time of purchasing the Intellicig e-cigarette, then you pay £15.05 while compared to paying £19 if you purchased the refills separately. This helps you save even more.

The battery that comes with the kit is supposed to be screwed into the USB charger for charging and takes around 3 hours to fill with charge. Its charge life is very average and employs a 10-second cut-off feature that switches off the battery so as to avoid overheating, making it last longer. However, the idea of one battery could be very frustrating to a user since you will have to vape again after you recharge that single battery. Some good advice would be to buy extra batteries to avoid any disappointments.

Normally there is no brand that covers the consumable parts of an e-cigarette but, surprisingly, Intellicig does! Something else that the e-cig company offers is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. This, however, covers products bought through their website and the products need to be handled under normal use. the 30-Day warranty, though, is something that Intellicig should really reconsider. We have other e-cigarettes companies that give a half-a-year warranty on their products! Take for instance E-Lites.

Intellicig offers three flavours (Menthol, Regular and Rich flavours) in their starter kit and four nicotine strengths, which are 0mg, 5mg, 10mg and 15mg of nicotine. this is a good choice to people who do not want to be limited to few strengths and flavours. There are some e-cigarette brands, for instance E-Lites who stick to the traditional light and regular tobacco, limiting the users choice.

For e-cigarette users who want to buy a product that doesn’t compromise flavour or quality for its cost then Intellicig is just the right choice for them.